Pastor Bo Jackson

Pastor BoTiwa (aka "Bo") Jackson is the founder and lead servant of Life Restoration Ministries. 

Although throughout his life, Pastor Bo was widely recognized as a worship leader and minister of music and arts, he felt the call of God on His life to establish the ministry in September 2015. He began with a local bible study where he began to lay the foundation, mission and vision of LRM. On January 3, 2016, Life Restoration Ministries held its inaugural service and by the grace of God, experienced growth both spiritually and numerically. Pastor Bo, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology and is looking to pursue his Master's Degree in the fall.  In addition, Pastor Bo will be releasing both his sophomore CD "Free" (which is the follow up to "Interview With a Changed Man") and he will publish his first book entitled "Why Me? Why Not!"  

4G's of Life Restoration


Growth is the process of becoming more mature in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.  Growth often comes through trials so we must learn how to not become weary in the process. Much development is a direct result of persistence.  The more you grow, the more and more you become like Jesus Christ. We have “everything we need” because of the power of God within us to live lives of Godliness which should be the goal of every believer.


Christian Giving is not optional, it is essential, not for the sake of being admired by men, but giving should be for the glory of God and the good of His people. The purpose of our giving program will be aimed to be generous in our giving back to the community.  As we give individually, the church will give back to its community.  Our giving is to be inspired and instructed by Christ’s inexpressible gift to us…therefore we will in turn give cheerfully and liberally back to the KINGDOM.

Our spiritual gifts are God-given. Through these gifts, God gives His people the ability to excel in particular areas of ministry in order to serve others and further His kingdom. Any gift that is disregarded or unused, is useless. Every Christian should watch for opportunities to minister to others.  It is not a platform to draw attention to ourselves, but, to build up others.  As we all learn to use our gifts, the goal will be to build the kingdom and to build others so that they can feel comfortable in using the gifts given to them by God 


Groups (G12)

The G12 Philosophy is that twelve people, bound together by like faith, are in covenant with the Life Restoration vision to be in covenant with each other to fulfill the scriptural mandate of exhortation, enlightenment, encouragement, and evangelism in a small group setting.  The purpose is to fulfill the vision assignment under the direction of the church staying under authority and being accountable to each other and for each other.

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