aLIVE Class Descriptions

                                                                              Adult Sessions

IT Still Hurts! - Pastor Marcus Vincent

The truth is church hurt does exist BUT, there is LIFE after pain! This session aims to encourage those who have been hurt by the institution of Church or Church people, to change their narratives from hurting to HEALED!

In the HOT Seat! - Pastor Winton Anderson

Have you ever served but felt like you deserved the seat of the leader you served under? In other words, you feel as if you are not where you want to be. This session aims to help those who struggle with their purpose and their assignment to help them find value in the seat that they are in.

I See DOUBLE! - Pastor Zachary Obey

Are you now or aspiring to be an entrepreneur? There is God-given brilliance inside of you that has the ability to create wealth. This session aims to explore and explain entrepreneurship in the Kingdom.

Stronger, Wiser, Bigger, Better! (ages 40+) - Pastor Bo Jackson, Dr. Mary Jackson

Have you ever felt like time has passed you by and you no longer have the opportunity to pursue your dreams and goals? You did not survive everything you went through to stop now! this session aims to encourage those over the age of 40 that God still has a plan for you, and you're going to LIVE to see it happen!

The Gathering of Missing Pieces! (ages 18-39) - Pastor Winton Anderson, Eld. Nicholas Burse, LRM Staff

Have you ever wondered what your true purpose is? You are a vital piece to life's incomplete puzzle. this session aims to explain how you are the answer to many questions and the solution to many problems!

                                                                         YouthNATION Sessions

There's More Inside of ME! (ages 5-11) - Prophet Jordan Perkins, Min. Djuani Littleton

Often times, children in this age group do not yet understand what God has placed on the inside of them. This session aims to explain to the youth that even at their age, they possess a greatness that can change the world!

Dont 4Get about me! (ages 12-17) - Eld. Quincie Howard, Min. Shunise Criswell

Life's current culture causes this age group to feel as if they are frequently unheard, unseen, and unimportant. This session aims to help the youth find their voice and SOAR like never before!

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