You're Invited!!!

~to The LIFE Experience~

What to expect?


In everything that we do, we give honor, reverence, and adoration to our God!


We are a word church believing in and governed by the Power of the words spoken by our God in the BIble!


Through prayer, we commune with God. We share our hearts with him and He shares his heart with us!


We use the power of music to unite our hearts and minds to lead us into the presence of God!


With many different forms of outward expression, we use praise as a symbol of gratitude to our God!

The REAL Questions...

What to wear?

There is NO dress code. Come as dressed up or as comfortable as you please!

Will I be called out?

We recognize our guests by a raise of hand only. You will not be called out nor asked to speak. 

Can I bring my Child?

Absolutely! YouthNATION is a movement all on its own and always welcoming new comers!

How long is service?

Our services are planned to be 2 hours.

Can I Come?

WHOSOEVER! Everyone is welcomed regardless of race, gender, background, or income. 

What is the denomination?

We are a non-denominational church.

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